Benefits of Aarendelle

Large range of colours

From white and pink to purple and red – Aarendelle offers a wide range of flower colours, bicolours included.

Proprietary cultivar

Aarendelle is a genuine proprietary cultivar that is continuously developed further and enhanced - exclusively for Sonneveld

Long vase-life

Intensive breeding and special post-harvest treatment have endowed Aarendelle cut flowers with a vase-life of up to three weeks. Learn more about vase-life

Top quality

Aarendelle is a very cold-resistant cut flower. Its long flower stems offers countless options for beautiful, easy-care arrangements.

Long sales period

Aarendelle is available from November through to March. In other words, it extends the cut hellebore season considerably, making it even more profitable for you. Go to Distribution

Standing proud

Consistently beautiful for up to three weeks – day after day after day

Vase-life and care
Standing proud

We bring bright delight for up to six months

Especially long sales period from November through to March

Distribution and contact
We bring bright delight for up to six months